Situational Judgement Test

The section gives you a chance to practice tests that are similar to those used by employers when selecting people for jobs. Unlike the commonly used are Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning, these tests present you with scenarios and you need to make a judgement as to the best course of action. They commonly measure ‘softer’ skills such as teamwork, influence etc. You can practice these as if they were the real test but when you receive your results you will be able to see which ones you got right, which ones you got wrong and you will be given the rationale for the right answer. This is why they are called ‘Tutorials’.

Situational Judgement Tutorial Test (SJTT)

These tests requires you read passages of text and to decide which course of action is the best by choosing from 4 alternatives.  You can answer using one of two commonly used answering options (i.e. identifying the Most versus the Least effective options OR rating all 4 options).  If you like you can try both these options together.  There is one version available targeting competencies in teamwork, influence, integrity and.

This questionnaire is not available free of charge.

Please contact Team Focus to discuss how you might access or use it or call 01628 637338.