Explore your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ)

You can explore your perceived level of Emotional Intelligence (EI or sometimes known as EQ) by taking this questionnaire. It measures 3 different domains – Personal Intelligence (including self-awareness and management), Relational Intelligence (including understanding and valuing others) and Situational Intelligence (including understanding and valuing diversity). Like all self-report questionnaires it reflects back your perception of yourself which pre-supposes a level of awareness and honesty. For those who wish to check this self perception it is also available as a ‘paired process’ whereby you invite another person to complete it with their perception of you. This makes it a much more powerful tool with an intimacy that is often much more effective than such questionnaires that rely on 360 feedback.

This questionnaire is not available free of charge.

Please contact Team Focus to discuss how you might access or use it teamfocus@teamfocus.co.uk or call 01628 637338.