Discover Your Team Role

Managing Team Roles Indicator (MTR-i™)

You can explore your role behaviour across different situations by taking this questionnaire. It identifies the behavioural contribution you make in the situation you choose to explore and this can be compared to your personality preferences as identified by the TDI. The MTR-i™ is used to enrich team communication and increase the potential for adaptation and change. By providing a common language, teams can discuss what they do and individuals to compare their role behaviour with their personality preferences. The MTR-i report describes what the individual does and links these to what a team needs to be successful in terms of 8 key roles which focus on 8 key stages to get things done – Clarifying, Analysing, Innovating, Campaigning, Harmonising, Exploring, Conducting, Activating.

This questionnaire is not available free of charge.

Please contact Team Focus to discuss how you might access or use it or call 01628 637338.