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Type Dynamics Indicator – TDI

You can explore your personality preferences by taking this questionnaire. Based on Carl Jung’s model of Psychological Type, the TDI identifies preferences rather than behaviour. This is because behaviour can be strongly influenced by current and past circumstances. A companion questionnaire (the MTR-i) can help you understand how you behave in particular circumstances (your role). Hence the TDI focuses on your underlying preferences and tendencies. Of course, preferences and circumstances interact and so the questionnaires complement each other and allow you to identify how much they align or conflict. Your TDI report will indicate your preferences across a wide range of areas such as:
communication,team-working, work styles, leadership, learning, career choice, development needs, problem-solving, dealing with conflict, managing change. The wheel shows the link between preferences and most natural behaviours and the MTRi would be a way to describe your behaviour in particular contexts.

This questionnaire is not available free of charge.

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