Explore Your Deeply Held Values

Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM)

This questionnaire identifies the way a person balances their values across four overarching areas broadly emcompassing ‘What I want for myself’, ‘What I want to become’, ‘What I want from others’ and ‘What I want for my community’. Each area comprises of 6 values and all 24 values are presented in rank order – but using sophisticated methodology for identifying areas that challenge the person’s ‘conscious beliefs’. In fact 3 different methods of scoring allows the person to consider values they espouse which may be less important than they originally believed and others that are more important. This helps overcome the issue that what people say is not always what others perceive. To make this even more challenging it can also be completed as a ‘paired process’ whereby you invite another person to complete it with their perception of you. This makes it a much more powerful tool with an intimacy that is often much more effective than such questionnaires that rely on 360 feedback.

This questionnaire is not available free of charge.

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