FIRO® Element B

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Why do this course?

FIRO® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) is one of the most powerful models for understanding our personal and interpersonal needs and how they influence our interactions with others.  This is key to building better relationships. FIRO® Element B is Schutz’s updated version of his original FIRO®-B which it has superseded.  Whilst the ‘B’ in FIRO® Element B stands for behaviour, this course goes deeper.  It enables you to experience the feelings that underly those behaviours and provides insight into how these spring out of our (often unconscious) self-concept.  On the surface the FIRO® model is simple – 3 fundamental behaviours aiming to manage our need for inclusion, control and openness.  However, simple does not mean easy – as is revealed in Schutz’s aptly named book Profound Simplicity.  This course equips you to develop impactful interventions that create insight, develop individuals and builds relationships and teams.

What is involved?

There is no pre-course work since the emphasis on the course is experiential learning.  However, you may choose to read ‘The Human Element’ if that is your preferred way of learning. The two days will take you through the five windows into the self, thus allowing you to explore your own needs and feelings in a safe environment.  The two face-to-face contact days are highly experiential together with an excellent opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback in small groups managed by an experienced tutor.  You also get a chance to see others managing the same process and learn from potentially very different styles which makes it an invaluable learning experience that cannot be rivalled with online alternatives.

Who will be your tutors on the course?

This course will be led by Roy Childs – someone who trained and then worked with the originator Will Schutz and who also wrote the Chapter describing the use of FIRO® Element B in the book ‘Psychometrics in Coaching’. Roy is also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant Editor for the BPS Test Review process and a BPS Verifier for this level of course.

Your qualification

On successful completion you will have access to FIRO® Element B (online or pencil and paper versions) and, depending on your needs, you can choose two levels of qualification as follows:

Registered Practitioner: delegates become eligible to purchase FIRO® Element B together with support material.

BPS and EFPA Certificates: the course is verified to enable course delegates to receive these internationally recognised certificates of competence known as Test User Personality (formerly Level B) if certain pre-requisites have been met.

Sample reports:
FIRO® Report

For more information about the course click here.

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