Why do this course?

Through more than 20 years of continued research Ray Cattell established that 16 factors were needed to provide a reasonable description of the human personality.  The 16PF went through various versions one of which was called the 16PF Industrial and the 15FQ+™ is an updated version.  It measures the same 16 Factors but replaces the original intelligence scale (Factor B) with an Intellectance scale which is more clearly a personality factor – hence the renaming as the 15FQ+™.  Through both research and rational judgment the 16 factors can combine to give over 40 different ‘composite’ scales which suggest characteristics like leadership, creativity or Team Roles.  Such a complex questionnaire can be daunting to interpret but there are three reports that provide easily accessible interpretations –the Development Report (a narrative interpretation to help individuals and their coaches to build understanding and implications); the Interview Prompts Report (to help explore areas of interest including strengths and areas for development); the Administrator’s Report (providing the primary factor profile as well as many other scales).   This is a versatile tool that can be used for individual development, team development and role compatibility.

What is involved?

There is pre-course work accessible online allowing sufficient familiarisation for you to be able to achieve British Psychological Society (BPS) and the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) certificates of competence in just two days.  The two face-to-face contact days are very practical and provide an excellent opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback in small groups managed by an experienced tutor.  You get a chance to see others managing the same process in very different ways which makes it an invaluable learning experience that cannot be rivalled with online alternatives.

Who will be your tutors on the course?

This course will be led by Roy Childs who gained great insight into the model when he hosted the Cattell seminars three years running in the early 1990s.  Few can claim such close contact for learning from the originator who was a pioneer in the development of modern personality questionnaires.  Roy is verified to qualify people in a wider range of personality questionnaires than anyone else in the UK and is also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant Editor for the BPS Test Review process and a BPS Verifier for this level of course.

Your qualification

On successful completion you will have access to the 15FQ+™ and, depending on your needs, you can choose two levels of qualification as follows:

Registered Practitioner: delegates become eligible to purchase and use the 15FQ+™ online or on for developmental purposes.

BPS and EFPA Certificates: the course is verified to enable course delegates to receive the internationally recognised certificates of competence known as Test User Personality (formerly Level B) if certain pre-requisites have been met.  This is recommended for those wishing to use 15FQ+™ in selection situations.


Sample reports:
15FQ+™ Development Report15FQ+™ Interview Prompts Report; 15FQ+™ Administrator’s Report

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