Buying & Using Our Tests

Online assessment

If you are new to the Team Focus Profiling for Success (PfS) online assessment system telephone us on 01628 637338 to open an account. We will provide you with a client code and password to give you access to the PfS control panel. This is where you set up your assessments and manage your account. To begin using your account you will need to purchase an initial number of credits which are used as payment for the assessments you carry out.

Access to tests & questionnaires

It is important to note that access to certain tests and questionnaires in the PfS range, and a variety of other psychometrics that we distribute, require that the person responsible for assessment has received training approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and/or the test publisher.

Paper-based materials

Many of our tests and questionnaires are available in attractively designed, paper-based, self scoring formats. If you wish to buy these paper-based versions telephone us on 01628 637338 for details.

Bureau service

If you are not trained but would like to use tests and questionnaires in a selection or development activity, with support from us, have a look at our bureau service.