Decision Analysis Practice Test (DAP-T)

Please contact Team Focus to discuss how you might access or use it or call 01628 637338.

Please contact Team Focus to discuss how you might access or use it or call 01628 637338.

Test Details and Sample Reports

The DAT is a popular test in high level graduate selection and executive development.

The Decision Analysis Test (DAT) looks at a person’s ability to make decisions in situations of uncertainty. This is an aspect of decision making that is more closely related to real life than traditional tests.

It requires the test taker to make informed judgements with information that is incomplete, complex and ambiguous.Using a deciphering (verbal ‘code breaking’) scenario, the test requires a move from purely logical reasoning to decisions requiring increasing degrees of personal judgement. It generates information on decision making in terms of three distinct skills:

  • Analysis – the ability to extract clear information and follow logical rules;
  • Synthesis – the extent to which known information can be combined to make new connections and inferences;
  • Judgement – the degree to which someone is able to work with ambiguous information to make informed judgements.

The test also provides an indication of the confidence that test takers have in the decisions they make in each of the skill areas. This provides an important insight into the way personal decision making style is related to judgement and risk.

Use to :

Measure real-life decision making

Use for :

Recruitment, development and guidance.

Suitable for :

Duration :

30 minutes

Number of items :


Reliability :

0.69-0.75, depending on the skill area

Norms :


Costs :

£12.00 + VAT (online administration, administrator & feedback reports).

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