Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning Tests

Quickly assess the three core aptitudes

A range of modern and intuitively designed general ability tests that assess Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning:

  • Verbal – the ability to comprehend written material and decide what follows logically from it;
  • Numerical – the ability to use numerical data to solve everyday and business-related problems;
  • Abstract – the ability to solve non-verbal problems using convergent and divergent thinking.

The three tests are available in two series (Reasoning Tests and Skills Tests) and at a number of different levels. The Reasoning Tests are provided at:

Level 1: General Population
Level 2: Further Education
Level 3: Undergraduates and Mid-Level Managers
Level 4: Postgraduates and Senior Managers

The two Skills Tests span Levels 2-3 (Skills Test 1) and 3-4 (Skills Test 2). These tests have a broader reach and have been designed for less secure test environments. For example they can be used for the first sift in an online selection process or for ‘open access’ careers guidance.

The Level-3 Reasoning Tests are a popular choice for graduate and management selection and development.

Training needed: BPS Test User Occupational, Ability

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No training? We can administer these tests through our bureau service

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