Resilience Scale Questionnaire (RSQ)

Find out how people typically react to pressure

The Resilience Scales Questionnaire is currently used to profile individuals being selected for high pressure or high stakes roles. The RSQ can also form part of a more general assessment of individuals for development purposes, especially if stress has been identified as an important factor

The Resilience Scales Questionnaire (RSQ) provides a multi-dimensional assessment of the ways in which people react to difficult or challenging experiences.

It was designed to reflect the cognitive, behavioural and emotional elements of resilience and describe coping styles in terms of attitudes, beliefs and typical behaviour, in five general areas:

  • Self-esteem: Attitude to and perception of self in terms of self-esteem, personal confidence and competence;
  • Optimism: Attitude to and perception of the world in terms of optimism, fairness, and future prospects;
  • Self-discipline: How someone manages their behaviour in terms of determination, perseverance and reliability;
  • Control: How someone systematically manages the environment and their ability to adapt;
  • Emotional non-defensiveness: How someone feels in terms of openness, tension and tolerance.

The RSQ has been constructed so that it is resistant to ‘faking’ and contains a ‘managing your image’ scale. Care has also been taken to make sure that it does not have a ‘clinical’ feel.

Training required: Tools for Coaches Workshop

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Suitable for:
Consultants, facilitators, career and guidance professionals, psychologists in training, coaches and mentors, or anyone with a need to describe, assess and gain insight into emotional intelligence or motivation.

Use to: Understand personality traits.

Use for:  Selection, development and careers guidance.

Use with:  Adults aged 16 and above, graduates & managers.

Duration: Self-timed, typically 15 – 20 minutes.

Delivery:  Online.

Number of items:  90.

Reliability:  0.79-0.86, depending on scale.

Norms:  UK general population.

Typical cost:  £14.00+VAT (online administration & feedback report).

Sample Reports: Feedback Report,

Resilience Scale Questionnaire (RSQ) User Guide

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