Relational Health Audit

Identify organisational capital through the quality of relationships

Any situation where it is important to understand the tangible aspects of relationships in a non-threatening way. The RHA has been successfully used in culture change, team building and as part of personal development programmes.

In a world where products and services can be easily replicated, it’s relationships that offer organisations true competitive advantage.

Developed in conjunction with the Relationships Foundation, the Relational Health Audit (RHA) offers a way of analysing relationships and developing the conditions for them to thrive in any type of organisation. Based on the model of Relational Proximity, which describes the preconditions for effective relationships, the RHA evaluates 5 core dimensions:

  • Directness – the degree of unmediated encounter;
  • Commonality – shared goals and purpose;
  • Continuity – history of working together and managing change;
  • Parity – the fair distribution of responsibility, risk and reward;
  • Multiplexity – appreciation of capabilities, challenges and organisational context.

The RHA can only be used by licensed practitioners.  If you would like to get involved please contact us for more details.

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‘At the centre of every great company are great relationships.  Focus on the people and success will follow’.