Memory and Attention Test (MAT)

Measure how short-term memory influences accuracy of working

The MAT is a popular measure in technical, procedural or information intensive recruitment scenarios.

Discover how short-term memory influences accuracy of working.

The Memory & Attention Test (MAT) simulates one of the most important aspects of the workplace: the need to quickly memorise and retain information in order to apply rules or procedures in a timely and accurate manner. It is a multi-faceted test that generates a rich profile of performance as individuals respond to increasingly complex instructions and screens of information. The facets measured are:

  • Speed of working – the time taken to complete the test;
  • Memory – the number of times the test-taker needs to check the relevant instructions;
  • Accuracy – the number of questions (screens) completed correctly;

Baseline response – a control for fluency with the computer mouse and speed of responding.

Training needed: BPS Test User Ability.

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Use to: Measure memory and attention.

Use for:  Recruitment, development and guidance.

Use with:  School-leavers to senior managers.

Duration: Timed 17 minutes (plus untimed examples)

Delivery:  Online only.

Number of items:  50.

Reliability:  0.88-0.93, depending on the facet.

Norms:  General population.

Typical online cost:  £8.00 + VAT (online administration, administrator & feedback reports).

Sample Reports: Feedback ReportAdministrator’s Report

Memory and Attention Test User Guide

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