Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ)

Identify the emotional skills that influence work performance

The EIQ3D is a popular part of many coaching interventions and can be used with all levels of management.

The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ3D) shifts the emphasis from IQ and personality towards the effects that self-awareness have on performance.

However, EIQ3D is not just another Emotional Intelligence questionnaire. It redefines the field into Personal Intelligence, Relational Intelligence and Situational Intelligence. It goes beyond the limitations of understanding the self and others to understanding the context in which people operate. The 9 areas it measures address the following key questions:

Increasing emotional ‘literacy’ can clarify vision, increase flexibility and help to build stronger relationships. The EIQ3D also addresses the critical weakness of such questionnaires – that self-report is a poor way to measure self-awareness! A unique feature of EIQ3D is the paired assessment – the ‘3D’ aspect – which allows another person to comment on an individual’s emotional intelligence.

The combination of a thorough coverage of emotional intelligence, and the ability to include more than one perspective, gives the EIQ3D a useful role in numerous areas of personal development.

Training needed: BPS Test User Personality or Tools for Coaches Workshop

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Suitable for: Consultants, facilitators, career and guidance professionals, psychologists in training, coaches and mentors, or anyone with a need to describe, assess and gain insight into emotional intelligence or motivation.

Use to: Explore self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Use for:  Individual development, coaching and team building.

Use with:  All people concerned with self-development.

Duration: Self-timed, typically 20-25 minutes.

Delivery:  Online.

Number of items:  204.

Reliability:  0.55-0.89 competency scales; 0.87-0.92 major areas.

Norms:  UK general population.

Typical cost:  £24.00 + VAT single, £37 + VAT paired (online administration, administrator & feedback reports).

Sample Reports: Paired Feedback Report, Paired Administrator’s Report,

Also available on request Feedback  Administrator’s, Paired Plus Feedback, Paired Plus Administrator’s Reports

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ) User Guide

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