Profiling for Success

What is Profiling for Success?

Profiling for Success (PfS) is our state-of-the-art online test administration facility.  Developed around a new and exciting range of psychometric instruments it offers our clients unrivalled facilities for test session management, innovative and visually attractive online questionnaires, detailed and searching computer-generated reports.

PfS Reports

PfS reports are e-mailed to you, and optionally to your candidates, as PDF documents immediately upon completion of every test or questionnaire.  For each of our tests and questionnaires, we offer a range of attractively designed and informative reports, both for clients and for feedback to candidates.

PfS Questionnaires

We threw the rule book away when we began to design the PfS online questionnaires. Static screens with drab lists of questions were replaced by bright, colourful screens, dynamic elements where appropriate and graphic features designed to capture the attention and enhance the motivation of test-takers.

Paired assessments

Paired assessments are unique to PfS.  Much of what we want to find out about a person concerns not just what they think about themselves but also what others think about them.  PfS paired assessments allow two people to take a questionnaire, sometimes on an equivalent footing, but at other times with one as the ‘main respondent’ and the other as the co-respondent.

Setting up your assessments

Setting up your assessments in PfS couldn’t be easier.  We will provide you with a client code and password to give you access to the PfS control panel. This is where you set up your assessments and manage your account. To begin using your account you will need to purchase an initial number of credits which are used as payment for the assessments you carry out. You can set up an ‘open’ access code specifying a series of assessments that all of your candidates should take and simply e-mail the same set of entry codes to each and wait for the reports to come back to you by e-mail. Alternatively, you can set up a PfS project whereby you upload a list of candidate details to the PfS server, indicate the tests and questionnaires you wish to use and PfS will do the rest for you, e-mailing each candidate with their own unique set of entry codes, instructions for how to access the PfS assessment area and your own custom instructions and contact details.

Paper-based materials

Many of our tests and questionnaires are available in attractively designed, paper-based, self scoring formats. If you wish to buy these paper-based versions contact us.

Access to tests & questionnaires

It is important to note that access to certain tests and questionnaires in the PfS range, and a variety of other psychometrics that we distribute, require that the person responsible for assessment has received training approved by the British Psychological Society and/or the test publisher.

Bureau service

If you are not trained but would like to use tests and questionnaires in a selection or development activity, with support from us, have a look at our bureau service.