Our Approach

We combine rigour with relationships, consulting with partnership, instruments with flexibility, challenge with honesty. Our approach is about learning, development and change


Founded in 1989 and specialising in Business Psychology, Team Focus Limited (TFL) combined applying Psychology to Business in its assessment and development work with becoming one of the leading trainers in Psychometric Testing. Closely involved in the development of the standards for training advocated by the British Psychological Society (BPS), we quickly built a reputation for independence and rigour. Today we offer one of the widest range of training programmes in the major personality questionnaires and are now recognised test publishers offering our own series of tests and questionnaires branded under Profiling for Success.

Business focus

Our work involves enabling individuals, teams and organisations to learn, develop and change. Our highly experienced consultants use a wide range of approaches, techniques and assessments both from our own product range and from the best of what is available. Our key brand is that, even in our assessment work, people experience a truly developmental benefit. We do not use tests as ways to label, categorise and constrain people but as models for understanding and enabling people to develop their own talent and to build better relationships.

Why we’re different

There are plenty of good companies who can help you. Why, specifically, would you use Team Focus?

We’re managed and staffed by Chartered Psychologists

You know your business. We complement your knowledge with in-depth scientific knowledge and practical experience of people issues – not just the latest management book fad.

We focus on existing rather than potential employees

Team Focus can help you with recruitment but we have particular strength in developing the skills of individuals and teams to meet organisational change. Development starts with what and who you know: it risks less and costs less. Psychology offers more to organisations than testing – though you wouldn’t think so if you read the business press. Testing is part of our service, but we have much more to offer in effective training, counselling and skills-development.

We do what we do as well as we can

Unlike some organisations, we don’t claim we can do everything. We’d rather turn down or refer a task than do it half-well.

We’re independent

We have our own instruments which offer alternatives to more expensive ones offered by larger corporations. But we also draw on techniques from across the world. Our solutions answer your questions; they aren’t driven by our desire to sell a particular product or run a particular course.

We’re consultants

But we don’t have to be. If you want us to, we’ll do the work. If you want control, we can advise and train you in essential knowledge and you can become an internal consultant. It’s up to you.

Team Focus has 2 decades of experience but has remained small

That’s deliberate. If you ring you’ll talk to a person you know, not to a machine. Everyone in Team Focus will know you’ve called and what you expect to happen. Efficiency, knowledge and understanding are crucially important when you’re dealing with your most fragile asset: people.

You have a full-time job running your business or department. Team Focus will be a critical friend, offering continuity and assurance in a crucial, often confusing area.