Performance coaching for increased effectiveness

Sometimes we just want a little help with some issues that are bothering us. Maybe we are not as good at something as we would like. Sometimes we just need some insight as to why we find particular relationships difficult. Sometimes we just need to have a chance to talk things through and get some ideas – and find the first step in a new direction.

Our coaches will help you to take those first steps and remove some of the boulders that seem to lie in your path.

The process begins with a clear description of the ‘presenting issues’. Using an analogy from IT – sometimes you find the bug and fix it. Sometimes the bug does not resolve the issue because the programme has several flaws. This is what happens in Performance Coaching. Sometimes a short sharp intervention moves people on. Sometimes a small obstacle has a bigger one behind it and so the process takes a little longer.

Whichever is the case, the longest journey always starts with a small step, and our coaches can help you make it.

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