Assessment & Selection

Our expertise in assessment and selection is recognised nationally and internationally. That’s because

  • we know how to get to the heart of the matter
  • we know the importance of challenging intuitive judgements with scientific rigour.

So we start by working with you to understand what you are looking for in the person or people you wish to appoint. We will help you to identify your ‘ideal’ for the position and will then work with you to construct a competency profile for that ideal. Sometimes this may be just a single competency profile, but other times there may be several alternatives which emerge, as often key positions can be filled by more than one type of person.

We will also discuss with you whether the competency profile that emerges is future-orientated, and critically, whether it takes into account people’s ability to grow and develop.

Once a profile has been established, we can advise on appropriate assessment methods. At this stage we pick the most powerful and efficient measures available. These may be tests, questionnaires, interviews or any number of different exercises or activities – whatever it takes – in order to find out what you need to find out within the timeframe and budget available.

We can then deliver the assessment process for you or help you to do it yourself. This could be on an individual scale or could involve the construction of multi-assessor, multi-measure Assessment Centres, using either off-the-shelf components or specially tailored exercises which we will develop for you according to the requirements of the position. The choice is yours.

When the assessment element is completed, we can guide you through the process of making sense – real objective sense – of the results. This puts you in a position to make balanced, fair, and fully informed selection decisions.

Assessment & Selection Case Study