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Clare Forgie : Business Psychologist

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I am empathetic, a good listener, strategic and someone who has a great deal of insight and knowledge of career options and the jobs market. I have changed careers and so I understand the difficulties and fears associated with this life change.



Areas of Expertise

  • advice and guidance - with school & college students
  • career coaching - with adults
  • career coaching - with employees
  • life coaching - with adults

Geographical Areas Covered

UK Some Areas

1:1 Meetings:Yes
Online(Skype etc):No

Locations Covered

    UK All Areas



    How I work

    My approach is holistic but also evidence based in order to combine objective information with a client’s personal circumstances. Firstly I aim to use a psychological assessment tool to help provide a client (and myself) with more objective information to base decisions on. Once we look at the career options and discuss the results of the assessments, I will provide action points for the client. I also like to discuss the client’s life (and family) circumstances too, such as current career, current employment status, reasons for change, responsibilities, financial planning, psychological well-being because change can be daunting so it is about making a robust plan of action.


    I originally worked in FMCG sales and marketing before changing careers to become a business teacher. More recently I have retrained to become a Business Psychologist and careers coach. I have worked with a range of clients at different stages of their career, from those who have recently graduated but found themselves in the wrong career, to older clients wanting a life change. Feedback is that I am a good listener and coach, I provide clarity within the objectives I set clients. However they like the fact that I have been through this process and can empathise with them, so they trust me and my honesty.
    I have also worked with a number of schools on a freelance basis providing feedback using aptitude and personality assessments to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Schools like the fact that I also have had an educational background and provide students with an extensive knowledge of academic/vocational/skills training options in order to get to their career goal.

    Psychometrics Offered

    • BPS Test User Personality
    • Test User Ability

    Other Psychometrics Offered

    I currently work with Morrisby, but I can also offer Psytech’s 15FQ+.

    Undergraduate Qualifications

    BSc Social Science and Administration (LSE)

    Postgraduate Qualifications

    MSc Occupational and Business Psychology (Kingston)
    PGCE in Secondary Business Education (Surrey)

    Other Qualifications

    Certificates in Stress Management and Performance Management coaching.

    My Professional Memberships


    • British Psychological Society (BPS)