A discussion with a professional can help you sort out your ideas, resolve particular issues and set you on the right path. Here you will find details of individuals and organisations that you can contact to for further information.

If you are a career adviser and would like to be listed on our website, please go to the adviser submission page.

Alison Milne

Alison is creative, insightful and grounded in practical experience in her coaching. She helps people gain perspective and create new ways of working for themselves.


Anton is a highly experienced leadership coach, consultant and business leader and has more than 30 years’ hands-on experience in senior executive OD assessments, coaching & consultancy roles.


I actively listen to the client and make space for them in a safe environment.

I have wide ranging experience across sectors.

Karen Tidswell

I am a Coaching & Business Psychologist with over 25 years experience of facilitating individuals to achieve their potential by assisting them in defining their goals, identifying areas of self-sabotage and generating a range of workable options.

Karin Horowitz

I have worked as a coach for more than 20 years, with individuals across just about any industry/profession/life situation you can think of! People I coach say I provide an excellent, dynamic balance of support and challenge.

Lynn Hanks

With an HR and Finance background as well as careers guidance and coaching, I have many years experience coaching both young people and adults. My approach is fully client-centred with a focus on moving forward in a positive and realistic way.

Martin Woods

I will work relationally and empathically with you to clarify what you want to have happen. My focus will be on you achieving a practical way forward to meet your desired outcomes

Naysan Firoozmand

I’ve been coaching managers and leaders in business since 2005 to make the most of their lives and work. I enjoy supporting people to explore and navigate their ideas, opportunities and challenges to come up with a plan for how to achieve their goals

Peter Danby

I have been a warrior, a teacher, a poet and a healer. I can dream but I have also lived my dreams and helped others to live theirs.

Rosemarie Wilson

Values, fulfilment and mental wellbeing are at the core of how I support you. I will help you achieve your goals but more importantly I will help you create strong foundations for your mindset that will stay with you long after our program has ended.